Achieving diversity’s dream of better thinking, better results, and basic fairness takes bold steps when we include all voices and perspectives in every meeting we facilitate.

As I write in my book, Thrive: The Facilitator’s Guide to Radically Inclusive Meetings, 2nd ed., “Meetings are the canvas upon which we paint much of our organizational life. We spend a huge amount of our time in meetings: virtual meetings, in-person meetings, meetings to plan a new product or service line, and meetings to plan the next meeting. Because they are ubiquitous, meetings need to matter. To bring out the best, they need to include every voice and embrace every perspective.”

When we ensure every voice and perspective is fully heard and respected, the result is increased energy, belonging, engagement, and ownership.

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On Sale Tuesday, August 26 — Great Resource for Newbies and Skilled Facilitators

Whether you are a skilled practitioner or new to leadership, my book Thrive will teach you principles and practices for facilitating more effective, inclusive and energizing meetings.

You will be enriched by . . .

  • Learning to lead by listening nondefensively.
  • Co-creating solutions with all stakeholders.
  • Bringing cultural mindfulness and emotional intelligence to every meeting.
  • Designing meetings with simple structures to create safety and engage all.
  • Ways to build respect, resilience, equity, and joy to your organizations.

About Me

My deepest passion is to teach inclusive meeting practices and assist small and medium nonprofits become more just, equitable and embracing of differences. I am a professional facilitator, Independent Professional Consultant, DEI specialist, workshop leader, author and founder of Civic Reinventions, Inc.

I wrote Thrive to assist nonprofit leaders build inclusion and respect into every dimension of their organization’s life and mission.

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