Is your nonprofit grappling with unproductive or toxic conflict that drains energy and inhibit mission? Whether it’s staff conflicts, board disagreements, differences among members and leadership, conflicts over scarce resources, program direction, or disputes between the board chair and the executive, and even conflicts with funders, the list seems endless.

However, I remain hope filled. I founded Civic Reinventions, Inc. to empower nonprofits to turn toxic conflict into a catalyst for constructive change.  Conflict harnessed has the power to generate energy, excitement and ownership. Creative conflict brings renewal.

My hope is that together, we can uncover the creative potential within the conflicts you experience. I bring a lifetime of experience helping nonprofits thrive.  I offer a range of conflict resolution services tailored to diverse contexts.  My goal is to

empower nonprofits to experience conflict as a catalyst for creativity. Allow me to assist you in cultivating a culture of respect, inclusion, and innovation, ensuring the well-being of your organization.

I am here to listen.


All the best,

Mark Smutny, Founder and Owner

Civic Reinventions, Inc.