The American Mosaic: DEI Immersion Workshops – Foster a culture of belonging and respect by taking a deep dive into an experiential, life-transforming, six-session workshop. Gain new insights and practical tools to build respect, inclusion and belonging in your organizations and community. Workshop participants will:

  • Unpack how stereotypes, unconscious biases, and microaggressions damage people and harm communities.
  • Deepen understanding of racism and how it affects us personally.
  • Examine privilege and power in human relationships through the Privilege Walk.
  • Explore how different cultures have different deeply imbedded assumptions about conflict, communication, time, values, and leadership.
  • Learn successful strategies for communicating with people from different cultures and national origins.
  • Brainstorm opportunities for your nonprofit to more fully understand and welcome people from our increasingly diverse neighborhoods.

 Empowering Transportation Solutions for Underserved Communities – Civic Reinventions is committed to revolutionizing transportation services for underserved populations through expert multi-sector project planning. Our engagement with local stakeholders ensures that transportation services are not only efficient but also responsive to the diverse mobility needs of the people they serve. We actively forge meaningful collaborations with community organizations, local governments, and advocacy groups, placing communities at the heart of every project. Our solutions are designed to be inclusive, responsive, and uniquely tailored to the specific needs of underserved populations.