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Facilitating a retreat, strategic plan, or conflicted group takes skill, energy, and experience. While some organizations have the skills internally to facilitate a retreat or strategic plan, here are ten reasons why hiring a professional facilitator may be the right choice for your organization.

  1. Professional facilitators are avid readers in the art of strategic thinking, professional facilitation, and whole systems change. They bring a best-practices mind-set to their work.
  2. A professional facilitator has worked with dozens of groups and is equipped to respond to nearly every setting imaginable.
  3. A professional facilitator asks dozens of questions. Creative questions allow a collective picture of the organization to emerge prior to a strategy event. This listening prepares the consultant to facilitate with knowledge and skill.
  4. A professional facilitator designs a planning process that is unique to you. Every group is different. Missions vary. People are different. The strategic challenges differ. An experienced facilitator creates meeting designs with you from a reservoir of applications.
  5. Events facilitated by a professional engage the imagination, generate energy, and build ownership across the organization. They are less likely to be boring, frustrating, or wasteful.
  6. A professional facilitator is neutral. He or she brings objectivity and focuses on the best process. An external facilitator sees and hears what an insider cannot.
  7. A skilled facilitator can manage conflict with poise and remain objective. Conflict becomes a creative tool rather than something about which to be anxious.
  8. A professional facilitator will help your group get specific about action plans. He or she will not let you get stuck with vague generalities.
  9. Professional facilitators bring a love of people and facilitating groups. They bring joy, humor, and seasoning to your group.
  10. A professional facilitator brings the intangible: a spirit that draws people together, an emotional maturity that helps the group remain focused, and an enthusiasm that helps the group remain engaged.

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