Dr. Mark Smutny

Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Smutny, Civic Reinventions, Inc. specializes in expert consulting to guide nonprofits seamlessly from toxic conflict to mission success. Our dynamic suite of training and conflict resolution services is tailored to suit diverse contexts, empowering organizations to turn conflict into a catalyst for creativity. Join us on the journey to cultivate a culture of respect, inclusion, and innovation, ensuring your organization thrives.

Mission: We help nonprofits turn from toxic conflict to mission success.

Vision: We envision a world where nonprofit organizations creatively harness conflict as a catalyst for positive change that uplifts communities, heals divisions and advances justice for all.


  • Lead by listening.
  • Live compassionately.
  • Respect all.
  • View conflict as an opportunity for growth.
  • Embody diversity through inclusion and engagement.
  • Co-create solutions with all stakeholders.