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Dr. Mark Smutny is a professional facilitator, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and author. He founded Civic Reinventions, Inc. to help organizations uncover the wisdom and ideas hidden in their diversity, build cohesion, and achieve their goals.

Mark listens. He crafts solutions not for you, but with you. He encourages leaders to think big, achieve measureable results, and thrive.

Mark Smutny draws upon decades of planning and leading retreats, facilitating meetings, and working with nonprofits and businesses. He teaches and writes on the arts of effective facilitation. He has worked in the fields of homeless services, affordable housing, transportation services for special needs populations, business and resident associations, faith-based groups, and public/private partnerships dedicated to strengthening civic engagement.

Mark received his Master of Divinity degree from the Harvard Divinity School, one of the most religiously diverse theological institutions in the world. His doctorate focused on organizational revitalization in multicultural settings. He is a Program Associate with the Kaleidoscope Institute, an agency that equips leaders to communicate effectively across cultures, ethnicities, and race.

When not working, Mark and his wife, Barbara Anderson, enjoy the Cascades, cooking, gardening, exercising their dogs, and playing with their granddaughters.


“I highly recommend Mark Smutny as an organizer, consultant and strategist for community development work. Mark was instrumental in engaging community stakeholders through retreats, World Cafés, and other tools to empower citizens to make Pasadena’s downtown a safer, more walkable and prosperous destination. Mark was tireless in putting Pasadena’s downtown before city leaders, both staff and elected officials, to achieve the downtown’s objectives.” Marsha V. Rood, FAICP, Vice-President, Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association

“Mark Smutny is experienced in assisting faith-based groups, nonprofits and community organizations with recapturing their vision and creating a dynamic and engaging plan for the future. He is easy to work with, thoughtful and creative. He is talented at including key stakeholders in the strategic development and planning process. He possesses the ability to assist organizations develop a clear vision for the future. I would recommend Mark for any organization that is seeking to clarify its vision and re-energize its constituents.” Nancy Davidson, Executive Director, The Foundation for Living Beauty, Pasadena, CA

“When the residents of downtown Pasadena were organizing to create their own city council district and to improve and celebrate our walkable urban neighborhood, Mark lent us crucial support and advice. We wanted a community organization with the political power to get things accomplished in City Hall. We needed a true grass-roots movement to engage neighbors. Mark led us through a World Café visioning effort that tapped the best ideas of residents and focused our work for maximum impact. As a result, the City of Pasadena’s General Plan, which guides development for the next thirty years, strongly emphasizes the importance of walkability and urban vibrancy that Mark helped us design. Several important Complete Streets projects that will create a better city are underway as a result of Mark’s visioning leadership and on-going support. Mark has a passion for building community—connecting people and creating peace. We really benefited from his work and friendship.” Jonathan Edwards, President, Downtown Pasadena Residents’ Association

“Mark taught me to lead by listening, using just a few questions to provoke input and discussion among a team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and strategies on how organizations strengthen their presence in the community. Mark took the skills I brought to the table and built on them. The foundation he created remains a catalyst for my program’s success. I’m proud not only to call Mark a mentor, but a friend!” Robert Taylor, Program Manager, Compass Housing Alliance Shelter at First Presbyterian, Seattle