Embracing diversity, building inclusion

Embracing diversity is far more than adopting diversity, equity, and inclusion statements. Embracing diversity requires embedding inclusive practices into every dimension of your organization. Civic Reinventions will work with you to build a more inclusive organization by drawing on a rich menu of inclusive practices that, when used consistently, will transform your nonprofit.  In workshops and retreats, we help your organization:

  • Learn ground rules such as RESPECTFUL Communication Guidelines that build empathy, cross-cultural understanding, and respect.
  • Practice meeting facilitation techniques that include everyone. These include Mutual Invitation, Liberating Structures (especially 1-2-4-All), World Café, Open Space Technology, and others.
  • Conduct retreats that engage not only top leadership but front-line staff and community representatives.
  • Build awareness of privilege and deeply embedded, often unconscious cultural assumptions about power, communication, and participation.
  • Learn how to be respectful allies and to change your organization.
  • Develop skills to facilitate respectful dialogue in polarized or conflicted settings.

Facilitating retreats and summits

Retreats and summits are great opportunities to build energy, create focus, and learn new behaviors.  These events build cohesion and galvanize organizational vision.

Coaching in nonprofit best practices

Mark Smutny has over thirty-five years experience leading effective organizations.  He uses and teaches best practices in personnel, fundraising, board development, strategic change, and advocacy.

Advocacy Training for Nonprofits

The strongest nonprofits recognize advocacy as an essential part of their mission.  Additionally, nonprofits who engage in advocacy generate support and funding for their mission and organization.  Some of your best advocates will be people who provide your services and those who receive them.  We can help you design an advocacy program and train your people to make it successful.

Facilitating respectful dialogue on divisive issues.

Facilitating gracious dialogue in troubled, polarized times requires emotional intelligence and a carefully crafted design. No matter the issue, facilitating respectful conversations is an art and skill. Mark Smutny will partner with you to design and facilitate a gracious, respectful dialogue on issues that matter to you and your community.

Facilitating and writing strategic plans

Well-designed strategic plans are a proven management strategy for organizational revitalization.  Good strategic plans ensure employees and other stakeholders work toward common goals with specific outcomes. They help organizations respond to changing environments with finesse.

Strategic planning guides what an organization is, whom it serves, what it does, and why it does it. The focus is on the future. Effective strategic plans identify the actions needed to make progress and the methods to gauge success.