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Civic Reinventions helps your nonprofit, association or public/private partnership thrive. Through deep listening, professional facilitation and innovative meeting design we will strengthen your mission, energize your staff and work with you to achieve measurable results and mission impact.

When you need a professional facilitator and experienced leader to listen to your organization’s needs, craft the right intervention, facilitate a retreat or summit and help you thrive, contact Civic Reinventions.

When your nonprofit, business or partnership is conflicted, needs a greater sense of common purpose and and energy, contact Civic Reinventions.

When you need a strategic plan that does more than gather dust on a shelf but focuses your work, establishes clear objectives, enrolls all stakeholders and transforms the way your organization embraces the future with energy and imagination, contact Civic Reinventions.

When your organization says that equity, inclusion and cultural competency are central to its mission, but needs help with an equity and inclusion work plan with measurable results, contact Civic Reinventions.

When in these polarized times, you need a skilled facilitator to help you hold a respectful dialogue on the great issues of our day: immigration, racism, the revitalization of forgotten neighborhoods, gun violence among others, contact Civic Reinventions.

When you believe that every voice in your organization, top to bottom and in between, has wisdom to strengthen your work and mission and you need help listening to those voices, contact Civic Reinventions

When you want projects delivered on time, written clearly, presented well and call on the deepest aspirations of your people, contact Civic Reinventions.

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Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Facilitator

Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Facilitator Handout


Great icebreakers launch a great meeting. They dissolve barriers among strangers.

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